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Elliott DeLine is a transgender writer from Syracuse, New York.

Dude, friends with their emotions and shit, bein all weird. Like wut. 

“What should young people do with their lives today? Many things, obviously. But the most daring thing is to create stable communities in which the terrible disease of loneliness can be cured.”

—   Kurt Vonnegut
We are official. And I wanted to show off my nail polish too :)

I fall in love

I fall in love. I never know whether it’s real or just need. I fall for protective, loyalty, masculine, reassurance, connection, that look of laughter- inside joke and understanding. I fall in love when I absolutely shouldn’t. I fall in love with what isn’t available. I fall in love with pain, with waiting for him to return, with being drunk and hoping I’m stupid enough to do something and I don’t even know what that something would be. I did not see this coming.


I want to apologize if anyone is waiting on book orders or donation gifts in the mail from me. I know I’m behind. I’m very unwell at the moment, related to personal things I can’t discuss on here. I’m hoping I heal quickly and can get back to my regular routine. 

I have a lot to say but I’m gonna have to save it. 

Intersections Cafe Crew (some of us)
Good bye, Philly.
The TransBus!
We couldn’t find the liberty bell.

chris-nightshade asked: I just recently came out as being transgender to my bestfriend, and I was wondering if its better to tell our parents when you live with them.. Or aren't living with them?

Hi Chris, 

Ultimately, the only person who knows this is you. If you are worried about your safety, such as a violent reaction from your parents, I definitely suggest getting away first. Otherwise, it’s about what feels best for you. I told my parents when I lived with them (age 16 or so), and it made for many awful fights and hurt feelings, for several years. But I didn’t have the option of getting away, and I don’t know that hiding it from them would have been any easier for me. When I did get away, I think it gave them some time to work their shit out. But when and how you tell them is your call. Be kind to them, but focus most on your emotional health and what YOU need. That’s my advice. Best of luck. I encourage you to do your best to reach out to support (like it seems you are doing) because this can be a very vulnerable time for people. 

Take care of yourself,


My friends, lost in Philly.
The cutest friends ever.
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